Districts of Prague

  • Erasmus in Prague mostly recommends this Prague areas and districts: 2,  3,  5 (Smíchov),  6 (Dejvice),  7 ,  8 (Karlín), 10 (Vršovice) – These areas are the closest to city the city center. Sure that Prague 1 is a very beautiful part of Prague and ideal for student life but the flat rents are the highest in the city.
  • Prague 1—The   Almost the whole area of Praha 1 is divided between historic quarters of  Staré město (Old Town), Malá Strana, Josefov and Nové město (New town).  Because of turists attraction this part of Prague is the most expensive in the city. The most famous clubs and pubs are located in this area. Also the majority of faculties are situated here. We can say that this part of the city is very good alternative for student life in Prague but you must be aware that flat rents are highest in the city.View Larger Map
  • Prague 2 – The smallest administrative district in Prague consist almost only from Vinohrady district. Vinohrady are very connected with the city center by trams and subway system, is not crowded by tourists and has gained a reputation as one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods for its tranquility and safety.It is home to large parks, delicious restaurants, quiet cafes, and local pubs . The flat rents aren’t as high as in Prague but it is tru that Vinohrady are in general the second most expensive district in Prague.Sure that you can find here cheap accommodation.View Larger Map
  • Prague 3Very recommended by Erasmus in Prague. The largest part of Prague 3 calls Zizkov. Previously a working class suburb, Žižkov is home to many expats, short term travelers and university students; and sits on a hill on the right side of the old town. The plentiful array of intriguing and often unusual bars and restaurants, combined with a small but dedicated culture of poets, artists and musicians, gives the area its reputation for being both fun, relaxed and alternative. It is considered one of the more Bohemian districts of Prague. In Zizkov you can find a lot of flats with very good prices affordable for students.View Larger Map
  • Prague 4 – Consisted mainly from Nusle, Michle, Podolí, Braník, Krč. From this part of Prague we mostly recommend Nusle and Podolí becauseof better transport services .  This districts are very good accessible from centre of Prague by tram (also durring the whole night). The flat rents are usually low and affordable for students.View Larger Map
  • Prague 5 – One the largest parts of Pragues. For the students the most favourable is the Smíchov area because of the best pubic transport services. Smíchov si located very closed to the center of the city.  Other districts are accessible by subway (Stodůlky, Jinonice, Hůrka, Lužiny, Luka) or by Tram (Barrandov). Only desadvantage is worse public services durring the night. For students which have faculty in Jinonice can be Prague 5 acceptebale compromise. The flat rents are affordable for students. In Smíchov the flat rents are a little bit higher than the in others district of this area.  View Larger Map
  • Prague 6 –  The municipal district Prague 6 is the largest Prague district. Prague 6 includes cadastral areas Dejvice, Střešovice, Břevnov, Ruzyně, Liboc, Veleslavín, Vokovice, and parts of Bubeneč and Hradčany. This part of city is very good choice for the students of CZECH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, CZECH UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES PRAGUE (formerly of Agriculture), INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY,  Catholic Theologial Faculty (KTF UK) and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS UK) of CHARLES UNIVERSITY.For students of other universities of faculties of Charles university we can mostly recommend Dejvice because of very good transport services (tram, underground) including the night. Trams run all the night also to the  to Střešovice, Vokovice and Veleslavín but to the Vokovice and Veleslavín it takes a little bit more time.  Some parts of Prague 6 (Břevnov, Dejvice) neighbors to Prague 7 and therefore it is very closed to the beautiful parks situated in Letná.  The flat rents are usually affordable for students.View Larger Map
  • Prague 7 By the Erasmus in Prague one of the mostly recommended areas in Prague which home of beautiful parks and very good pubs. The most beautiful part of the whole district is Letná. It is mainly thanks to Letenské Sady which lies beneath the summit of Letenský Hill. During a walk through this well-maintained park, the whole of Prague city centre is spread out before one’s eyes. The main viewpoint is on the foundations of the former Stalin Memorial. The Letenský Manor (Letenský zámeček), with its extensive gardens and snack-bar, ranks among the most popular destinations in this area.District very well accessible by all tram (durring the whole night) and by underground.  Very good district for students are alsoHolesovice. Holešovice quarter is a former industrial suburb, still reflecting the 19th century in its solitary smoke-stacks and factory sheds of our grandmothers’ times. The area beneath Letná Hill, however, is not only a working-class quarter. For example, the building of the former Veletržní (fair) Palace is a functional jewel originating from the First Republic, and currently the home of the National Gallery. Also interesting: DOX, a recently renovated exhibition venue, which similarly offers a wide range of the contemporary arts. In Holesocie is Cross Club best club which offers alternative music and culture. Prague 7 in general has a very good transport services underground and tram. The flat rents are usually affordable for students. Letná is a little bit more expensive than other areas but not much.
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  • Prague 8– Consist of several areas: Karlín, Kobylisy, small part of Žižkov and Vinohrady, Libeň. The best area for students is Karlín located between Florenc and Křížikova underground stations (line B). Karlín is also well accessible by tram (including the night trams). From others parts Erasmus in Prague recommends mostly Libeň and Kobylisy.  Both areas are located closed to underground station Palmovka (line B), Kobylisy (line C) and are well accessible by tram (including the night trams). The flat rents are usually low and affordable for students. Official websites of Prague 8 View Larger Map“>
  • Prague 9 – Consist of Vysočany, Prosek, Střížkov, Hloubětín, Hrdlořezy and part of Libeň. All the areas are little bit distant of the centre but except of Hrdlořezy all are accessible by underground (line B, C) and trams. Because of the larger distant from the centre the flat rents are usually lower than in other district. You must be aware that travelling to the school it takes you a little bit more time in comparison with other districts. Although if you take a metro you are in the centre in 10 minutes. Erasmus in Prague mostly recommends Vysočany and Prosek.View Larger Map“>
  • Prague 10 – Consist of Vršovice, Strašnice, Malešice, Záběhlice and small part of Vinohrady. Popular for it´s close proximity to the city center, very good and fast tram connection, parks and lower rents. Erasmus in Prague mostly recommends Vršovice because of the very fast tram connection to the centre (no more than 10 minutes). Also Strašnice could be a good place for students mostly from METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY PRAGUE (MUP). Other parts of districts are somewhat distant from the centre and the transport services during the night is a little bit complicated. The flats rents are affordable for students.View Larger Map“>