In the heart of Prague | Prague 1

I like cities that have a clear structure. When all you need is a bit of intuition and sense of direction and when you can leave your map or GPS in your suitcase. When you can walk through the city center, without having to search your GPS location online and hope to be saved by your Facebook friends who have already somehow managed to find their way around. Prague, and Prague 1 especially, is, from this point of view, a great place. The historic center is situated primarily around the Old Town Square where you can find the Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall, and St. Nicholas Church. Pařížská Street, the most expensive Prague street running from the Square and featuring shops such as Hugo Boss, Hermes, Louis Vuiton, Cartier etc., will take you right to the Jewish town. prague 1
Charles Street, another street leading from the Old Town Square, ends at the Charles Bridge. If you choose to continue this way, you will actually follow the so-called Royal Route. Crossing the Bridge, passing Lesser Town and the Lesser Town Square, Neruda street will take you right up to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. However, the Royal Route starts even before the Old Town Square, near the Powder Tower at the end of Celetná Street. This tour will take almost the whole day, but you will see the most famous and most visited sights: the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. There are also many tourists, shops with a bit kitschy souvenirs, and some restaurants might be a bit expensive. charles bridge
There are better places to buy gifts than the historic center, the best ones being the surrounding neighborhoods Letná, Karlín, Smíchov, and Vinohrady. If you’re interested in fashion, head for the Wenceslas Square and „Na Příkopech“ Street. You can complete your fashion shopping tour at the Palladium Mall. The city center also has some great restaurants that won´t burn a hole in your pocket. Vegetarian Maitrea is right behind the Old Town Square in Týnská Street. Excellent pizzas are in Pizza Nueva near the Square of the Republic, and great burgers in Café Palanda. Another restaurant worth visiting is Jiná krajina. Cafés are at almost every corner: you can get your cappuccino or expresso in Style and Interior (Vodičkova St.), Café Neustadt (Charles Sq.) Mama Coffee (Vodičkova St.), Standart Cafe (Karolíny Světlé St.) and other places. If you want to go out in the evening, no place is better than Prague 1 – clubs, bars, pubs are conveniently close to each other. Chapeau Rouge, Roxy Club or “Klubovna 2.patro” are just a few examples of where to enjoy a good party.
national theatreThinking about a hotel or an apartment in Prague 1? Living in the city center has a lot of advantages. You will be in the midst of all events and you’ll soak up the atmosphere of Prague at source. You will have all the sights, cafés, shops, restaurants and bars at your fingertips. It will take you only 5 minutes by foot to get to places which others will reach after half-an-hour journey by tram. Going to school, to work or to the library, every day, you’ll enjoy the places that visitors come to see from all around the world. Do not worry that you will meet only crowds of tourists. Living in Prague 1 is also popular among Czech students. Who wouldn´t be tempted by the view of the Charles Bridge or Prague Castle? The rent might be a little high in some areas, but this is not a rule, moreover – Prague 1 is simply the best.