Buddy programme


Hey everybody, we as an Erasmus in Prague, would like to invite you to our Buddy / Erasmus in Prague ambassador Program. Read more info and find out if this program would fit to you a make your semester in Prague an amazing experience.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide to all Erasmus students in Prague an additional services which could help them to fill up their free time spend in Prague.

We would like to make various kinds of:

Nightlife activities such is clubbing etc.
Sports activities such as skiing, team sports, indoor paintball, etc.
Fitness activities such as gym and wellness, yoga, dance classes, etc.
Travel activities such is eurotrips, nature trips, hike trips etc.
Group activities such is arcade museum, escape room, pubQuiz, beerpong tournament, barbeque occasions, virtual reality, tepfactor, laser games etc.

We appreciate your input so don’t hesitate to recommend us anything on your mind!

Current Situation

All the students for winter or spring (or both) semesters are already accommodated so we’ve already started to make those activities that are mentioned above.

Our trips:

Skiing trip
Tour de beer
One day in christmas Vienna
Raft trip
Beerpong tournament
Indoor paintball
Euro trip to Krakow and Auschwitz
and many more

Desired Situation

Our desired situation is to be assumed as not only an accommodation provider but an all-inclusive agency providing the number one Erasmus experience in Prague. We all know this is only beginning but at the start of the new school year, we would like to have all the processes standardized and fully running.

How to get there?

We will need your help to spread the word about all our planned and real-time running activities to all your co-students, classmates and buddies you have met in Prague so far. You don’t have to push it too much and try not to annoy them with your influence just be natural.

Your duties

Promote our events (on social media, posting flyers at your university, spread the word, etc.)
Recommend our events to all your friends
Visit our events and put pictures, videos, reviews to your and our social media (tag us, tag your friends)
Wear our merchandise
Be proactive with recommendations and advises how to improve our services

Our duties

Provide you all the necessary information about our upcoming activities
Provide to you discounted offers to our events

What would you get?

Latest info about all upcoming events in Prague
Free or discounted entries to our events
Free merchandising – caps, jumpers, ect

Are you intersted?

So contact us on our email koty@erasmusinprague.com